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a variety of styles and sizes that accommodates the user with a multi-purpose tool to get the job done. 

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custom, handmade hunting knives that are rugged, functional and handsome


a collectors dream of a knife that still embodies every day function. Whether it be a folder, a razor, or a fixed blade there is something for everyone in this category. 


knives for the real working cowboy. Many are designed with blunt tips and trigger guards with the cowboy’s and cattle’s safety in mind.


hand crafted Steak Knives with a wide variety of handles and your choice of a handmade block or decorative display case.  These knives, including block or case, can be personalized with your brand or logo and can be ordered in sets of 4, 6, 12 or whatever suits your needs


Ideal for getting into tight spots, cracks and for the drainage of abscesses. Super sharp little thing that comes with a kydex sheath specfically designed for this blade for your safety. Can be clipped just about anywhere you'd like to carry it.

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